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Mr. Hazan teaches Phys Ed, and is the PSAL Archery and Table Tennis Coach at AOHT.

I came to the United States 32 years ago. I completed my Masters  degree in science and rehabilitation at Brooklyn College. I joined the Department of Education in 1997 as a Science Teacher. Several  years later, I decided to pursue and fulfill my dream to become a physical education teacher. I completed my requirements and achieved my dream job.

Throughout my professional career, I encountered students who, for whatever reason, avoided participating in contact sports, e.g., football, soccer, basketball. My goal was to reach these students and provide alternative physical activities, to create an inclusive environment that would develop their self confidence and critical skills. And, the students flourished. Five years ago, I started Archery and table tennis clubs at our urban school. Within two year of training just two hours a week, our students won NYC’s Battle of the Boroughs (first place) in 2015 and in 2016, and in 2015, they won the state championship (NYS Olympic Archery for Schools). In June 2015, we made it to the National Event in Newberry, Florida.

The experience of enabling our students to travel out of their immediate neighborhoods and comfort zones , let alone Brooklyn, was a once in a life time experience. Their success was a huge boost to their confidence and to our program. Later on, the Table Tennis club opened more opportunities. We made it to PSAL with unbelievable success and, in our third year, our girls made it to the 3rd place in our division having only learned the sport 1 month prior to the tournament. It is clear to me that the students’ exposure to such activities proved me right- every one should have the opportunity to learn and grow.