Ms. Puryear - French

Ms. Puryear teaches French at AOHT.

Lynda Puryear has lived and studied French in France at the University of Paris at the Sorbonne. Afterwards, Ms. Puryear returned to The U.S. to complete her Master’s Degree in French at New York University. Ms. Puryear enjoys being bilingual and all of the opportunities and access that it offers.  However, for her students, she views language study as an opportunity to develop new perspectives and strengthen intellectual skills that are useful in many other contexts and subject areas as well.  Her lessons are often occasions for cultural exploration through culinary experiences such as a visit to a French African restaurant.  Or an intersection between architecture and household lifestyles as her students match family composition profiles to appropriate living quarters by perusing real estate ads from authentic French classified listings.   She models for students her passion for learning in hopes that they will feel empowered by seeing their own intellectual growth as they acquire skills that they hadn’t previously believed possible.