Ms. Waithe Primus teaches Participation in Government/Economics and Global History at AOHT.

Major Achievement: Having the most scholarships awarded to students from my class many years ago.

Subject Area: Social Studies –  This year I will be starting off with the teaching of World History and Participation in Government.

Educational Background:  I attended the UWI – St. Augustine and received my undergrad/bachelor’s in history and social sciences (Hons).  I also successfully completed a post grad in Education – The Teaching of Social Studies at the UWI. Subsequently, I attended Mercy College and once again worked on advancing my skills in the teaching of social studies, but this time with special education.  I graduated with MSc degree in the teaching of adolescent 7-12 (Dist.)

Something not known about me: I did food and nutrition in High School and enjoyed both cooking and eating. I would create meals from practically very few ingredients. I also successfully completed a program in Tourism Reception and Sales, in the division of Hospitality at college and worked in a hotel.